Full Modular Construction

After the release of NextSource’s robust Full Feasibility Study in 2015, an extensive 18-month value engineering exercise was undertaken in order to further optimize the Project’s positive economics.

It revealed that utilizing a two-phase, modular build approach  would provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to building a mine.

NextSource has assembled a specialized team of structural, mechanical and process engineers along with a leading modular solutions technology provider and will be delivering to the industrial minerals industry a mining first: the achievement of a full-scale, permanent graphite mine utilizing cutting edge modular supply and modular build technology.

A Unique Approach to Building a Mine

Modular plant construction is a well established and proven methodology in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and chemical industries, where several Fortune 50 companies have adopted an entirely modular plant construction. As a result, they have realized significant savings in both construction time and capital costs.

Modular construction in mining is not a new concept. Several mining companies across an array of commodities have implemented modular components as part of their overall mine designs. However, according to leading mine EPCMs, there has never been a permanent mine constructed entirely using modular components. That is, until NextSource Materials’ Molo Project.

Speed. Efficiency. Quality.

The Molo mine will consist of 35 individual modules, occupy an overall footprint of 100 metres by 60 metres, and require a build time of just 9 months. Fabricated to European Standards, the modules will assembled in an offshore facility and undergo Factory Acceptance Testing to verify the process and performance of the flow design of the mine. Once successfully completed, the modules will be dismantled and packed in individual shipping containers for ocean transport to site. Once there, a specialized engineering team consisting of just 30 personnel will re-connect the modules and ready the mine for the commissioning stage.

The Advantages of a Phased Approach

The Molo mine will be modularly constructed in 2 phases, designed and built by the same modular solutions technology provider that has been supplying name brand companies in both the CPG and chemical industries with full modular production plants.

Phase One

NextSource will commence with Phase 1, which will be a fully operational and sustainable mine with a front-end (feed rate) capability of 240,000 tonnes of ore per year, resulting in an annual production rate of approximately 17,000 tonnes of SuperFlake®.

Phase Two

Phase 2 of the Molo mine will be the expansion of annual production of SuperFlake® to 45,000 tonnes, as envisioned in the Company’s 2019 Feasibility Study.

Competitive Advantage: Molo

By utilizing our 2-phase approach, the Molo will be able to quickly enter the graphite market with an initial production rate that is right-sized for the current market and allow for efficient and cost effective expansion as market demand requires. Not only does the phased approach provide NextSource with the competitive advantage of speed to market, it also provides a barrier to market entry to other competing projects.

At the rate of 17,000 tpa, the Molo would rank among the top five largest producing flake graphite mines outside of China and exceed the average global production of a flake graphite mine (at 11,600 tpa). Based on ore reserves alone, the Molo would have a mine life in excess of 100 years.

What Makes The Molo Project So Special

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