As a responsible business, NextSource seeks to conduct its business with due care and respect for its host communities and the environment in which we operate. We know that by fostering transparent, constructive dialogues we can build open, respectful relationships for the mutual long-term social and economic benefit of all stakeholders.

To this end, NextSource has established an integrated sustainability management system covering health, safety, environment, community and quality. The system incorporates the requirements of several standards such as ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 9001 (Quality). This integrated system will be resourced to achieve and maintain at a minimum, full regulatory compliance across our operations to systematically manage and mitigate business and operational risks and realize opportunities for improvement.

The system is currently being implemented at the Molo Project as part of our operational readiness phase and in time we will report on all material aspects of our performance in a consistent, comparable and verifiable manner.

NextSource seeks to be an employer of choice and insists on a working relationship with its employees, contractors and suppliers which is transparent, free of coercion or corruption and protects the human rights and dignity of all parties. To support this we provide our host communities and stakeholders with an anonymous and accessible grievance mechanism so that any concerns can be raised.

As we progress the development of our business we will learn from our ongoing performance monitoring, external audits and stakeholder feedback and use this to ensure continual operational improvement to the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Utilizing Hybrid Solar-Thermal Energy

As a producer of graphite, a strategic mineral in the global energy transition, we naturally look for practical ways to manage our own carbon footprint.  As part of the Molo Mine development, we have partnered with CrossBoundary Africa, Africa’s leading provider of clean electricity, for the establishment of a hybrid energy plant. This will provide up to 33% of the mine’s total Phase 1 electricity needs from renewable solar energy, with the remainder coming from thermal generators.